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So you want to get some printed shirts? Great! You’re in exactly the right place. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to get started, plus our competitive price guidelines and information to help you pick the perfect shirt (Why stop at shirts? We can print on anything you can wear! Check out our catalog). When you’re ready, email us here!
Getting Started
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There is an infinite number of variables at play with screen printing. Although we provide a rough pricing estimate, it is just that- a rough estimate. Many things effect the final cost, so every order here at St. Louis T Shirt starts in the hands of one of our customer service specialists. Whether you prefer to call or email, you’ll need to know a few things to get started:
What are we printing on? T shirts? Sweatshirts? Hoodies? Bags? Hats? The possibilities are endless. You can view our catalog, check out our most popular selections, or even request something you don’t see!

How many pieces do you need, and in what color? 1 to 1 million and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

When is your deadline? Our standard turnaround time between approval and completion is 1 week, but we’ll do eveything we can to get your order done more quickly if you need us to. Contact us to discuss deadlines- a rush charge may apply.

Do you have artwork? Whether you have completed art, or need our talented designers to help bring your idea to life- we can help. Don’t worry- there’s more information about artwork below.
pricing t shirts by quantity and number of colors st. Louis T Shirt
Helpful Hints
Here are a few of the things that might effect the cost of your order. Remember- The chart is only an estimate, please contact us for an accurate quote! Ask us about fulfillment options!
How many colors and locations? With screen printing, each new color in each new location means we have to create a new screen. More screens means more money. Just because we can print six colors on the front, back, and sleeve of your hoodie doesn’t mean it’s cost effective. That’s 18 screens!

How many pieces are in your order? Since we only have to set up the screens once, that part of the cost is ultimately divided between every single item in your order. Say the screen charge was $30- divided by twelve shirts, that’s $2.50 per shirt, plus the cost of the shirt itself. Divided by 60 shirts though, it’s only 50 cents! Also keep in mind that the screen charge is waived for orders over 72 shirts.

What are we printing on? A plain white T shirt, or a stylish, top of the line, brand name hoodie? Even with direct distributor pricing, some items cost more to manufacture than others, and that cost carries over.

Popular Product Options
Our pricing guidelines are based on the industry standard Gildan 500 unisex T shirt. There are thousands of products to choose from, but we’re here to help you decide. Have a look at our catalog, or check out some of our most popular items:
the gildan 500 t shirt for all your st. louis t shirt screen printing fulfillment needs
the gildan softstyle is great for screen printing
the bella crewneck is great for fashionable t shirt screen prints at st louis t shirt!
This shirt is the industry standard for screen printed Tees. It’s 100% Cotton, its color selection is second to none, and it’s cost-effective enough to make a depression-era housewife smile. It’s the Gildan 500!
This shirt is a cut above the standard, but still priced to stay within a budget. The Gildan Softstyle has a softer hand than the 500, and also comes in a rainbow of colors. Also avaliable are the Hanes Comfort-soft and Anvil 780 Midweight Tee.
For a true fashion tee, shirts like this Bella+Canvas Crewneck are the clear choice. Comparable brands include Alternative and American Apparel. Don’t forget to add Ladies cut shirts!
Don’t limit yourself to T shirts- we sure don’t! Here are just a few of the other items we can imprint for you:
we screen print on umbrellas! We screen print on polos!
Artwork and Digital Proofing
Once you’ve figured out the ‘what’ and the ‘how many’, we’re ready to start talking about artwork. After you place your order, your customer service representative will pass it on to one of our designers- they have years of experience with designing for screen printing, and they’ll make sure your order turns out just how you envisioned it!
I have artwork for my order already! Great! Send it on over! We’d prefer a vector file like an .eps or an illustrator file (save down to CS4 please!). We can also work with some jpgs and tiffs, although this is determined on a case by case basis. If a file needs extensive work to prepare for screen printing, art charges may apply.

I have a design in my head! Great! We have designers who can help you get it out of your head and on to your shirts! Send us an email with your idea, and we’ll design it for you. There is a $40/hour art charge for designer services.

I wish I could design my own! We can help with that! You can use the design-it-yourself system we have at our sister company, it’s perfect for baseball teams, family vacation and reunion shirts, and more! Get Started.

Once the design is ready, your designer will email you a digital proof. This is a visual representation of the artwork on the product according to your specifications. It also includes very important information like the ink colors, and locations. Review your proof carefully! We can only proceed with printing your order after you have approved the proof.
Printing Your Order
After you approve the proof, the screen printing can finally happen! If you want to know how exactly your artwork ends up on the shirts you picked out, check out our ‘Printing Process’ page. There, you can learn all about the science behind the magic.

We’ll let you know when your order has been completed!

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